About Aakar

Aakar is a concept by IlTians who believe that quality education is the right of every child and must be available to all who deserve it. Our education system like any great is not without flaws but every great person passes through it and becomes great. We just want to supplement a child's education by proper guidance to steer him/her through the challenges of life. Education is just manifestation of perfection that is already there in the child. Our System just aims to polish the brightness of an individual child. Clearing a competitive exam can never determine the success of any child. Its the efforts put in that counts. We want students to value the importance of hard work and learn to rise from adversity. Education is but a mean to teach the child about life. If a child is sincere as a student, the sincerity carries forward in life and makes the student a great Human Being. We just want to serve this country by serving its brightest students. Ambala has a great pool of talented kids. We want to lead them to achieve success in life. Given the opportunity, we will revolutionize the concept of education and will try to make it a comforting and "spontaneous" process for all the students.

Aakar Foundation is a venture by IlTians which aims to provide the apt awareness to the Ambala region about the highly competitive scenario today. Our mission is to "Nourish & Nurture" the talent of the child. We believe that knowledge is a great ally and if acquired properly, it can really transform the life of an individual and the fate of the nation. If a student is fully aware of his/her potential then getting into a good college will be just a starting point in the line of successes to come in his/her life. Through the medium of education we intend to equip students with the right information about career options and inculcate confidence in them to take on any challenge in life and bring them at par with big city students.
Ambala is one of the oldest cities of North India and was once a pioneer in education. Lack of awareness among the students has made the city lag in the educational sphere. The development of the society is determined by the number of well educated members it embodies. Commercialization alone cannot sustain the development of a particular region; hence creating potential human capital is vital. We wish to revolutionize the concept of education in the city through exemplary products and short term courses.